Our Story

Our merit
The luxury of Thai silk has its origins in royalty and rarity. The use of silk in Siam, known today as Thailand, was initially reserved for the royal family and worn on ceremonious occasions. Most silk today is mass produced and exported from China, while traditionally handcrafted silk from Thailand is rare in comparison. It accounts for less than one percent of silk on the global market. Our Thai silk neckties are unique and of a superior quality that is fit for royalty.

Our materials
Our silk has been granted the Royal Peacock seal of authenticity. The Royal Peacock was created by Her Majesty of the Kingdom of Thailand to protect the reputation of Thai silk from imitation fabrics. It has become the certification trademark of Thai silk standards under the Queen Sirikit Department of Sericulture, which establishes a strict quality control program for Thai silk and protects the health, safety, and well-being of silk producers. Our neckties are made from genuine, high-quality materials with the interests of the Thai silk industry and people behind the fabric assured.

Our makers
Silk is woven into the fabric of society in Thailand's rural regions. The farming of silk, known as sericulture, has been practicedand perfected—for many generations in villages across the country that rely on the industry for their livelihoods. The silk threads woven to form the fabric we use in our neckties are sourced exclusively from these communities. Your purchase from Tieland supports Thai farmers and helps sustain their heritage.


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