Deep Sea Blue

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This Deep Sea Blue necktie is crafted from 100% Thai mulberry silk with a wool-poly interlining and hand sewn signature gold slip stitch. This luxurious neckwear features traditional Jacquard handloom weaving for an unrefined natural texture and minimal slubs. Expertly tailored to 59-inch length and 3-inch width, this exceptional tie is truly a work of art from the Kingdom of Thailand.

  • Necktie dimensions: 59-inch length, 3-inch width

  • 100% Thai mulberry silk outer shell

  • Unrefined natural fabric texture with minimal slubs

  • Woven by traditional Jacquard handloom

  • Wool-poly interlining

  • Self-tipped

  • Sewn by hand with signature gold slip stitch

Made in the Kingdom of Thailand